Photorealistic 3D Rendering & Virtual Reality3dphoto

Are you someone who has a hard time visualising what your project will end up looking like? We have the solution you have been searching for! Let our VR & 3D expert design your next project and we will show you exactly what your project will be. She will make you wear funky VR glasses to take you on a fully immersive journey where you will actually be able to see and feel your space as it was designed to be.

No more guesswork, no more misunderstandings! You know what you are going to get and how it will feel without any unwanted surprises.

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For a preview of a 3D panoramic view, click on the following link: cuisine.modele.panorama
Please note that this link does not take you to a VR experience, since it requires special funky glasse!.

Furniture Design & Space Layout

Let us guide you and assist you in the creation and conceptualisation of your project. Our design service is based upon your vision, your desires and in harmony with your tastes. Our designer will listen to your desires and be attentive to your needs. She will be inspired from you to create what you have been dreaming of.

You are uncertain of the style you want to adopt and of the space layout? Don’t let that get in the way of going forward with your renovation project! Our design and space layout service is for you. With our personalised approach, be assured that the end result will be true to your image and that you will be satisfied. Leave the headaches and puzzles in the capable hands of our design team and make the final decisions instead.


Cabinet Making & Woodworking

Once your vision is drawn up and on paper, we will carefully build and fabricate your furniture, kitchen, bathroom vanity and/or other woodworking project. Our know-how and expertise allows us to take on many types of woodworking and cabinet making projects with assurance and success. There are practically no material choice restrictions, no standardised measurements, what you want, we will build! Our high-end, expertly built, furniture and the respect of delays has made our reputation, our referrals will confirm it.


Have you had a water related disaster?  Need an expertise appraisal for your insurance company? We offer a professional service, including an expertise report w/photos, evaluation of water damage caused to your furniture, research of  furniture origin, quotation for restoration /repair and quotation for replacement of un-salvageable furniture.

Project Management

You would like to keep an eye on your renovation project, but don’t want to be there 24/7? Allow us to do it for you and we will deal with all the different players. Therefore, you will only have to deal with one person for all your questions and information needs. We will take on the responsibility of making sure every player is there when he needs to and does to work you hired them to do.

Important Notice:

We are not contractors and in any way want to portray ourselves that way. Depending on the project, we may hire for you a general contractor with a valid RBQ license. Respecting the laws and construction norms is something we take to heart. The service we offer is to act on your behalf as your representative in dealing with the many different players involved in a renovation project. Talking the same language as they do and becoming your intermediate could avoid you misunderstandings, arduous management of information and multiple communications.

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