Our Story

The Bois Design adventure starts in 2000, when Simon Arseneault, then HVAC technician, worked at a woodworking school. He was love-struck with this new area! Nathalie Kidouchim, in a management career, encouraged him to pursue his dreams and give it a go. Going back to school, changing careers… a new beginning for Simon who was already an artist at heart, but hadn’t realized it yet. He was to discover it soon enough…

In 2001, graduating from the program with honors, Simon starts working for Loeven Morcel, a woodworking shop. He acquires much needed experience, both building furniture and installing the projects. He gets to know his boss, Alain and François, Alain’s brother, who would become key players in his future.

Fall 2002, Alain tells Simon that he must let him go, due to the economic slowdown. But Alain is not the typical boss: he encourages Simon to start his own business promising he will help him along the way!

Nathalie and Simon finally decide to launch the company and work together: he would be the woodworker, artist and performing installations while she would manage the business and accounting, and meet with clients while keeping her job. Ébénisterie Bois Design was born!

2003 offers humble beginnings, but Alain and François keep their word and help Simon in finding contracts. By providing mentorship and additional training, Simon quickly becomes very experienced. His clients are happy and provide a much needed marketing effort: word-of-mouth. From one client to the next, opportunities come steadily and the company slowly establishes itself as a player in the Greater Montreal Area.

From 2003 to 2008, the company follows through with a variety of projects touching upon many different areas. Throughout this time, Ébénisterie Bois Design keeps to its mission: perform custom projects that challenge status quo! Clients can now count on a dedicated and creative team to help them transform their dreams into reality. Over time, work volume increases and Simon must get his uncle  for rush periods and Nathalie at times to help perform installations.

The company is now experiencing steady growth, new ideas and possibilities abound, and there’s a feeling that change is in the air. Since 2008, new services and new products have been added and Bois Design has steadily taken it’s position on the cabinetry and woodworking market.

Only time will tell where this new chapter will take us… What’s most surprising is the good spirits and respect in which the work is performed. Not often will you see two business owners so passionate in what they do, working together, as a team, for the benefit of their clients.

Thank you for working with us!