Richelieu Stainless Steel Cleaner

Cleans, polishes, preserves, and protects stainless steel without hard rubbing and polishing. Resists finger prints, grease, and water spatter. Helps preserve the factory finish. Also excellent for chrome.

  • Specially formulated for use on stainless steel fixtures, equipment, or trim.
  • Cleans, polishes, and protects stainless steel without scouring.
  • Resists fingerprints, grease, and water spatter; preserves factory finish.
  • Removes old or heavy accumulations of greasy film, food spatter, or oil stains.
  • Not for use on cooking utensils.

Richelieu Glass Cleaner

The most versatile glass cleaner available: cleans glass, windows, mirrors, and windshields.

  • Dissolves dirt, grease, grit, and grime.
  • Heavy-duty foam clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Contains perfume-grade alcohol for the best performance.
  • Guaranteed to leave no film on newly-installed mirrors, windows, or windshields.